Looking Good and Feeling Good Go Hand in Hand

If you are reading this blog, you certainly know something about fashion and how to make yourself look good, but what about feeling good? My fiancee, Cynthia, is an expert at looking good; in addition to making others look good. However, this poses a question. Why bother looking good if you aren't feeling good? 

Unless you live on a planet other than Earth, you know that in this United States obesity, diabetes and other degenerative diseases are running rampant as compared to 100 years ago.  In fact, Mexico and the US are neck in neck when it comes to being the leading nations in obesity compared to the rest of the world population. It is also well-known that:

“The U.S. is the most expensive healthcare system in the world, but many continue to falsely assume that we pay more for healthcare because we get better health (or better health outcomes). The evidence, however, clearly doesn't support that view.” Source: Forbes.com 

Bloomberg ranks the US Health-Care System as one of the least efficient. It ranked America at number 50 out of the 55 countries that were assessed. 

Why do so called third-world countries have 10 times the number of centenarians (people who live to the age of 100 and beyond) that we do in the US, yet they don’t have the benefit of hospitals, ambulances, health care insurance, 911, doctors and the like? They have one in every 250 people while we have only 1 in 10,000! It seems as though the more money one spends on health care, the shorter one’s life expectancy becomes.

An explanation for this astounding fact exists, but it is not simple. Over the next few months, we will be examining this up close and we will bring you information that is largely suppressed by the established medical community. The established practice of conventional medicine came by the American Medical Association; a monopolistic, and self-policing institution. The brainchild of wealthy American industrialists Rockefeller and Carnegie, is the established means by which Americans have played Russian roulette for over the past 100 years by making it illegal for anyone in the medical community to claim to be able to cure any sickness or disease. This opened the door to merely treatment of sickness or disease with the use of pharmaceutical drugs which should be illegal, but they reap profits due to marked up pricing of sometimes as high as 3,000%. Get the picture?

Cynthia and I have accepted the challenge to introduce some different health and nutrition concepts that we live by. Some of these are new concepts, and some are old, but they are proven to lead to recover from most any sickness or disease when adhered to diligently. The best part about this is that it can do no harm in the manner that dangerous drugs with their side effects can.  

"My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge." (Hosea 4:6)

Please stay tuned. --Stu Brown

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