True Love and the Never-Ending Honeymoon

CYNTHIA: Living as a happy single, independent woman for so long, I realized that I was missing out on true love. Now that I'm married to a wonderful man, I have all the love I missed for so long. At this point in my life I'm excited about being married and living a life full of love. 

It's been 7 weeks since our wedding day, and we are adjusting to a new life together organizing, combining, purging, and enjoying each other as man and wife.As most married couples do whether they're in their twenties or in their fifties, we also plan to live a life full of true riches: health, love, freedom and prosperity.


STU: Though you may be in love, nothing can compare to having your actual wedding day. Call me old-fashioned, but marrying my best friend was the happiest moment of my life. Everything seemed so surreal, yet perfect. It was as if I needed a pinch to remind me that I wasn't dreaming.

All the weeks of planning boiled down to one moment that lasted only two hours, yet it created memories that will last a lifetime. I'm pleasantly reminded by each photo and video that are now a part of our family archive.true love

Yes friends, this post is about true love, and transitioning from being single to being married is the final frontier. Cynthia and I invited our closest friends and family to join us in what we dubbed "The Second Half."

Prepare for Marriage

STU AND CYNTHIA: We had a beautiful church wedding in a small chapel with stained-glass windows. The Spirit of the Lord was present and the ceremony went without a single hitch. We're determined to keep Christ at the center of our marriage especially since we both believe that he is the reason we were brought together in the first place.

To everyone who reads this blog and is single, no matter what your age, may I suggest that you humble yourself before God as well as before your intended mate. If you find it too difficult to do, you probably are not with the right one. If you encounter pride, arrogance, shame, fear, or low self-esteem either coming from yourself or from your fiancée, work these things out before you consider going to the altar. Don't even try to make decisions on your own without having humbled yourself first, otherwise your vision for your new life together will always be obstructed. Beloved, nothing can be worse than finding out after you have made vows to your spouse that they are not on the same page as you, or even in the same chapter! 

CYNTHIA: For the first time in my life, I find myself always considering my mate and anticipating his needs before my own. What's really fascinating for me is that Stu enjoys doing the same for me! He tells me that he wants nothing more than to make sure I'm happy. So you see, we both reap the benefits from this kind of Godly love. 

The excitement and satisfaction we get from being joined in holy matrimony is unparalleled. We are companions...prayer partners and lovers. I was ready to be completely transparent, and look at my own vulnerabilities as well as my partner's up close. This is what two imperfect people look like in a perfect relationship.


Wandra W.

Beautiful! Congratulations again to you both!


You both have given me a new surge of what true love is about. I pray Hod will bless me with a kind, considerate mate to share my life eith. Thank you for sharing. Best love to both of you!


This is so beautiful! May God continue to bless your union!!!

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