About Our Shift Dresses


As a fashion designer, I have come to appreciate the fundamentals of good design. I know enough to know working women who, like me, with far too much to accomplish in any given day, want to get dressed in a "go-to" sophisticated yet simple outfit." With that in mind, the iconic American shift dress has become my signature piece of clothing as a woman and a fashion designer and is the inspiration for my new capsule collection.

Shift in Season clothing is a "shift" from the established fashion philosophy of "following the trends" in favor of a simple design solution...create limited-edition contemporary dresses women want to wear today and for seasons to come. My goal and what I consider to be a priority of mine is to create uniquely expressive versions of this American classic dress style. I believe that just knowing you have several tried and true pieces in your closet that you can slip into in a minute and head out the door, frees up time to deal with the more important things in your life. Dressing with this level of ease will boost a woman's confidence and my dresses are designed to get you through your day beautifully.