About Our Shift Dresses


The Brand:

“Eat well, love hard, and dress to inspire!” This is the philosophy behind the Los Angeles based RTW brand Shift in Season. The label’s founder, Cynthia Harvey-Brown, is deeply influenced by her global perspective having clocked about million international travel miles. Accordingly, she has mastered the ability to bottle up sustainability, simplicity, and style infused with sensibility and versatility in her designs.

The Woman:

Cynthia Harvey-Brown is a womenswear designer with a passion for travel, a love for sustainable fashion, and a proclivity for beautiful dresses. Based in Los Angeles, CA, and after earning her degree in Fashion Design from FIDM, doors opened for her in Hollywood. There she styled and created original designs for popular celebrities including Janet Jackson, Nicole Kidman, Cicely Tyson, Jennifer Lopez and George Clooney.  

As a child I was inspired to repurpose clothes I could find in thrift stores and secretly repeated to myself” — ‘When I grow up, I will create my own clothing line’.  Once my Aunt Ann taught me to sew, I was solicited by my family, my girlfriends, and over time, this passion quickly turned into a dream. Childhood dreams are not always fleeting desires.  My journey has taken me on highs like floating down the Nile in Egypt and touring the Palace of Versailles in France to humbling me to help others realize their dreams while putting mine on hold for a time. I believe all this was used to inspire and strengthen me to make a difference in the world of fashion. Like other designers, I too think we all need to buy less, choose well, and make it last”.

With a heart to give back, from 2007–2015, Cynthia owned and operated The Sewing Studio, (a sewing & design studio boutique in Old Town Pasadena). She provided a creative space for young girls, teens, and adults interested in learning all things about fashion. This creative boutique also served as a springboard to launch today’s sustainable womenswear brand Shift in Season, and further stimulated Cynthia’s desire to help women embrace their feminine power and get dressed with purpose. More than a dream, this idea became the driving force behind Shift in Season.